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Knowledge has been packed into stories since the dawn of time. They begin with a starting point and rise to the actual statement. The reader follows the flow of events and tries to connect everything with what has already happened. We constantly try to predict the outcome.

Our head is a biochemical miracle, it not only understands what we have read and remembers what belongs together, but it also intuitively develops a truth behind the story, which it ties to its previous experiences and values. Everyone carries within himself his unique universe of own experiences and knowledge learned from others. The smallest new information can cause great shifts in our attitudes through infinitely complex mutual effects, tensions, paradoxes and similarities.

... we can do all this. Why don't we share some of it with others? Imagine if we could simply share a topic that interests us right now, just like our head would organize it, with others and come together to faster and safer insights.


Crucial discoveries have so far been invisible to our eyes. Mesh.app creates the easiest, most powerful and only human way to explore and understand your experiences in context of the knowledge and its meaning from digital texts together with your family, friends, colleagues or simply with other global sparring partners and like-minded people.

Shift perspective. Untangle your hidden talent.